State Project Management Unit (SPMU)

Sl. No. Position Key Responsibilities
1 Project Director cum Chief Executive Officer Administrative head of the project, day-to-day oversight and leadership; link between the project and the DoPR and other government departments leadership roles and functions vis-à-vis finance, administration, human resources as described in detail in the HR Manual of the project  and the Society.
2 Director- Finance & Administration
(Functional head of finance &administration Wing)
Assist the Project in financial management and administrative functions of BGSYS. S/he will lwad, supervise & review their performance and recommend for extension of contract and performance linked annual pay; s/he will be also responsible for coordination with auditors and financial/HR consultants of the project. S/he will be responsible for ensuring timely submission of IFR/reports/plans in addition to his/her functions. Overall responsible for grievances redresses within the society/project. Other work as & when assigned by the Project director. 
3 Director- Operations & Communications
(Functional Head of Operations & Communication Wing)
S/he has to give leadership in managing the Panchayat capacity building. Institutional strengthening, Panchayat Performance wards, and Communication components. S/he has to plan and execute Capacity Building & Instituitional Strengthening interventions according to project objectives and in close coordination with other government agencies. S/he will be responsible for preparing the ToRs for the consultancy required for different capacity building activities envisaged under the project, other work as & when assigned by the Project director.
4 Director- Knowledge Management
(Functional Head of Knowledge Management Wing)
As a head of the Knowledge Management Unit will be overall responsible for Decentralization & Policy Research, Panchayat Performance Research and Analysis, Monitoring and Evaluation Capacity Building of Panchayats related to Financial Management. Monitoring and evaluation will involve project interventions in capacity building of Panchayat, construction of Panchayat Sarkar Bhawan, monitoring of Panchayats for giving performance award and monitoring of subproject taken up for utilization of award money. S/he has to work for and manage activities related to innovation and learning like studies, documentation of good practices. Other work as & when assigned by the Project director.
5 SPM- Administration & HR The manager is responsible for helping the Director Finance & Administration in managing the affairs related to project office administration and HR management issues. S/he will assist in developing and maintaining administrative and HR system of the society. S/he will be responsible for planning & recruitment of project staff, extension of contract, performance evaluation, develop training calendar for Society staff at different levels. S/he will be responsible for compliance of HR manual at all level. Other work as & when assigned by the Project director.
6 SPM Finance Support the Director ( Finance & Admin) on financial matters relating to the project ; make periodic visit to field offices for advising solving problem and monitoring: Estabilish effective budget prepraration and monitoring mechanisms in the project related to financial transaction  ; maintaining the accounts of the project in a computerzied accounting package ; Generating periodic financial report including interim unaudited Financial for submission to the management/ Government. Ensuring Compliance with all statutory and tax laws, ie. filing of return, obtaining tax exemption certificates, deduction and deposit of TDS and service tax etc. Ensuring timely audit of the project including audit of the project Financial  statements other work as when assigned by the project director.  
7 SPM Procurement  Support the Director (finance & Admic )  on Procurement related matters, make periodic reviews of the procurement processes. S/he will be responsible for preparing and execution of procurement plan for the project / society inviting the meeting of the revelvant procurement cominitee & prepration of the comprarative charts. capacity building of GPS for procurement of services and purchase of goods for the ulillization of performance award money strict compliance world procurent manual of the society and world bank guidelines . procurement of consulancies for different components of the project. other work as & when assigned by the project director. 
8 SPM Capacity Building  S/he has to support operation & communication Director for ensuring succesful implementation of the capacity building plan. S/he has to review strategies methodologies and process for prefered models& approches of strengthening  institution Development of the capicity of panchayats under the project. S/he has to plan and monitor the process of suspainable capacity building for rural poor communities through panchayat. S/he will be oberall responsible for ensuring the, quality of training modules development, training material and other capacity building related activities other work as  & when assigined by the project director. 
9 SPM Communication  The main role includes planing. Development and implementation including process documentation of the communication initiatives ensuring that same are in synergy with the project objectives and components. S/he has to support the project in identifying opporpunities for inchanging sensitization and dissmenating information through traditional performance froms and modern means. S/he has to periodically acces communication needs. compile and catalogue relevant communication materials used. S/ he has to develop and implement systems for internal and external communication and feedback eg. website and feedback system. other work as and when assigned by the project director .
10 SPM Water and Sanitation The Primary responsibility is to monitor the work of implementation partners and report working hands on with the consulting firms and other  stake holder . proviedes support to DPMU For the implementation of the activities .She/he has to support and monitor by organizing workshops and reviewing the action and decisions . She/he has to develop strategy for BCC. hiring resources . Organizing exposure visits , capacity building of DRPs ,rolling out strategies and roll out community level activities and incentivizing GP with cash /non cash incentives . She/he to establish a monitoring system at GP level which tracks coverage of toilets . usage and sustainability - linked to the project MIS / ISC MIS . providing thematic input to communication unit in preparation of IEC .  other work as & when assigned by the project director . 
11 SPM-Monitoring and Evaluation Lead M&E activities at the state level, integrating progress (physical & financial), process and results monitoring according to agreed procedures. Develop the overall M&E strategy and implementation of related activities within the project. Design the M&E system and ensuring it is implemented effectively by program staff. Contribute towards the dissemination of project learning and experience. Provide timely and relevant information to project management to enhance program quality. responsible for coordinating with consultancies for developing and implementing appropriate MIS framework for the project. Ensure process documentation, preparation of qualitative periodic progress reports. support SPM - Admin & HR in performance appraisal of the project staff. Monitoring the performance of te hired agencies for the project (output based). Other work as & when assigned by the Project Director. 
12 SPM-Civil/Architectural Engineering To support director- knowledge Management in the execution & monitoring of the necessary assignments related with Bhawan construction. Coordinate with district & block administration in site selection responsible for coordinating with construction agency (PWD for Panchayat Bhawans) in design adaptation, preparation of bid documents, forming packages for Panchayat Bhawans and monitoring the quality aspects of Bhawans. Supervision of Bhawans including liaison with agency for third party monitoring. Monitor and ensure that timeline for construction of Panchayat Bhawan is met and selected contractors execute the work as per the prescribed norms. Monitor design, level of construction activities of Panchayat Bhawan, quality of construction, use of material and inventory at the district level. Other work as & when assigned by the Project Director.
13 OSD To support Project Director in his day to day work & other work as & when assigned by the Project Director.
14 PM-IT Support SPM M&E in collecting timely information and systematic capture into the database., at the state level of all M&E information, including routine concurrent monitoring and periodic evaluation of project process and results. The data includes inputs from all project activities and sectoral,financial, procutement, social and environmental programs as well as disputes and complaints received. Support SPM-M&E, in developing routines to synthesize reports, analyze data, detect trends and flag outliers, for follow up investigation. Support SPM capacity buildingin capacity building activities in PLANPLUS & PRIASOFT other work as & when assigned by the Project Director & SPMs.
15 PM-Documentation Assist the SPM M&E in timely execution of the necessary documentation required in the project. Ensure quality documentation & dissemination of processes. Achievements and best practices learnt through the project,assisting SPM-PME in the prepartion and logistical planning of various events e.g-meetings, conferences, seminars, workshops, etc.- including the preparation of agenda and minutes of meetings. Maintaining distribution fists, contact lists of project stakeholders, and distributing documents to them as required. Maintaining projects documents and other files (both paper and electronic) upto date. Assist in drafting routine correspondence and proofreading material in both English and Hindi. assist SPM - M&E in producing quarterly/half yearly/annual reports to meet grant conditions; Assist SPM - M&E in translation of materials, including project documents, reports, correspondance and other; other work as and when assigned by the Project Director and SPMs.
16 PM-Accounting CB S/he has to support SPM - capacity building in relation to capacity building aspects of Gram Panchayats & facilitating them for timely submission of accounts and make them ready for timely audit; s/he will be responsible for coordinating with BIPARD & other support agencies for capacity building of team of Panchayat finance facilitators hired by projects; s/he will be responsible for organizing & mnitoring capacity building & facilitation activities for panchayat accounts of Gram Panchayats through panchayat finance facilitators in a well planned & efficient manner using PLAN PLUS & PRIASOFT; Liason with LFE for preparing audit calendar and audit of Panchayats recieving performance award. Other work as & when assigned by the Project Director & SPMs.
17 PM-HR The manager is responible for supporting the SPM - Admin & HR in managing all issues related to HR managements; s/he wil assist the SPM- Admin & HR and the project team in developing and maintaining administrative and HR system of the society; S/he will be responsible for preparing & implementing recuitment plan for project staff, extension of contract, performance evaluation, developing training calander for the society staff; S/he will be responsible for preparing TORs for hiring agency for recruitment of project staff; S/he will be support SPM - Admin & HR information of grievance redressal committees at different levels and managing all aspects of grievances; S/he will be responsible for compliance of HR manual at all levels other work as & when assigned by the Project Director & SPMs.
18 Accounts Officer S/he has to assist in managing all files and registers on accounts of the BGSYS at state level. S/he has to responsible for maintenance of TALLY accounting system; consolidation of accounts of SPMU & DPMU accounts. S/he has to support District/Block accountants on tally. S/he has to monitor advances of funds.
S/he has to support in preparation of budgets and annual work plans. S/he has to prepare financial reports. S/he has to help in managing reimbursements from the World Bank (IUFR). S/he has to do pay-roll processing. S/he has to help in internal & external audit.
S/he has to regularly check contract payments. S/he has to regularly check consultants contracts. S/he has to check all bills before making payments. S/he has to process all payments (other than pay roll). Checking of Tally accounting entry on regular basis.
19 Cashier S/he has to manage cash transactions. S/he has to process the cheues. S/he has to help in making payments and S/he has to do the activities related to cash management.
20 Personal assistant (Steno) Short hand writing (One English & One Hindi). S/he has to assist in writing/typing quickly and filing the same documentation. S/he has to maintaining confidential reports and documents. To take down the minute of any meeting. 
21 Assistant S/he has to assist in administration & human resource managemnt related functions. S/he has to assist in managing information and complaints and grievances related to project and PRI.
22 Receptionsit To be Procure through external agency on fix rate & payment.
23 Data Entry operator To be Procure through external agency on fix rate & payment.
24 Security To be Procure through external agency on fix rate & payment.
25 House Keeping To be Procure through external agency on fix rate & payment.
26 Driver (3) To be Procure through external agency on fix rate & payment.
27 Office boy (4) To be Procure through external agency on fix rate & payment.